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Raise your grades. Conquer the SAT. Plan for college.

Prep for Success.


Achieve your highest score on the SAT.

SAT prep is often regarded as a daunting, even overwhelming task for students.  The good news is, It doesn't need to be.  Really! In fact, with a solid plan of action, ample time, and the correct approach, preparing for the SAT can be a rewarding, and- dare I say- enjoyable process!  


My approach to SAT prep is both holistic and systematic.  I will teach you the foundational skills that are tested on the SAT, show you winning strategies to boost your performance on test day, and ensure that you'll know the test- backward and forward- with effective practice problems, drills and tests.


Together, we will work to build your familiarity with and mastery of the SAT, so that you can reach your highest score.  Simply put: with my SAT prep methodology, you will be able to take your time, build confidence, and get it right.

 Master the content in your classes.

While there is no quick fix to improving your academic performance or increasing your GPA, each of these goals are possible with focused and consistent effort.  Some students are able to make these changes on their own, but most need a little outside help to get it done.


I specialize in tutoring high school math and science courses. Since these courses build upon the content from previous school years, students need to have a solid foundation of knowledge in order to be successful in their current classes.


I will work with you to identify any missing foundational knowledge gaps that may be contributing to your "challenge areas", and then teach you that content in a way that empowers and prepares you for future success.  From there, we will establish new, better study techniques to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve in your classes.

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Free homework help!

NEW!  Coming Soon: PrepNation's NEW homework help video tutorials!  Check back often as we add more throughout the year!



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